With the No Mess Indoor Portable Sandbox, children can enjoy all of the fun of playing in the sand, without the mess and cleanup!

  • Sand remains clean
  • Prevents messes
  • Stimulates imaginations for hours
  • Sand cannot be removed by children
  • The only one of its kind!
  • No-hassle fun and learning!
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Check out our two other innovative, fun, and creativity-inspiring products!

The No Mess Indoor Paint, Art & Craft Studio

Playing with paint, play dough, clay and messy craft items has been a clean-up nightmare, but now our patented invention does away with all the mess.

When children are done creating, they simply walk away - no mess on them or in the area! The unique patented design prevents mess associated with these mediums, while stimulating imaginations and creativity.

Everything is kept contained preventing ingestion or mess. Children and adults love this unit. They never have to clean up outside the unit. Easy access, by an adult, to change mediums and clean inside is very easy.

The No Mess Indoor Toy & Water Play

Make a splash without getting wet! No Mess Indoor Portable Toy & Water Play is a dirt-free, bug-free environment for water-play, indoors or out.

Clear acrylic water-tight unit holds an ocean of fun: kids reach through flexible tube arms and can use little ducks or fish as water squirters, sail boats or submarines or pretend to be a shark swimming through sunken treasures.

They'll have fun, and you'll enjoy the mess free play! Ideal for tactive-defensive children. Two sets of arm holes means room for two players.

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The unique No Mess Toys give children a great way to play creatively indoors regardless of the weather,
all while preventing messes and stimulating imaginations for hours on end!